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How Do Hoarding Systems Increase Safety and Security on Construction Sites?

Protecting the public is an essential requirement of any construction site, with it being both a legal requirement and a crucial aspect of site safety. Hoard-it offers flexible, ground-mounted, fully reusable and environmentally friendly hoarding systems that are economical, easy to install and tailored to the specific needs of each construction project.

How Do Hoarding Systems Increase Safety and Security on Construction Sites? hoard-it

Hoard-it, based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, has a unique understanding of site safety, product quality and the importance of construction technology. Our experienced team works with clients to develop tailor-made solutions to suit their requirements and budget.

With in-house engineering capabilities, we produce site-specific wind calculations to ensure compliance with Temporary Works. 

Hoard-it is committed to providing reusable hoarding systems that ensure safety for project teams on site and the public. Our hoarding systems cover four basic needs:

  • Public Protection: Acting as a barrier between ongoing construction activities and the public, minimising the risk of accidents or injuries.

  • Unauthorised Access Prevention: By restricting access to the construction site, hoarding stops trespassers and unauthorised personnel from accessing the site, therefore reducing the likelihood of theft, vandalism, or injury to individuals not authorised to be on site.

  • Height and Strength Requirements: Our hoarding meets specific height and strength standards to withstand external forces such as wind and crowd loadings.

  • Access Control: Controlled access points or secure gates help monitor and regulate entry into the construction site, ensuring that only authorised personnel gain access.

Greg Guppy, Director of Hoard-it, said, “Safety is such an important aspect of any construction site, and at Hoard-it, we take that responsibility very seriously. We’re dedicated to providing hoarding systems and solutions that meet regulatory standards as well as cater to the requirements of each project we undertake.”

At Hoard-it, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond safety and security. Our sustainable hoarding systems are all fully reusable, significantly reducing environmental impact. Our hoarding systems are designed with the environment in mind and are made from 100% reusable and recyclable components. The credentials of our hoarding system support our client’s sustainability goals, including support for BREEAM ratings.

Not only do we have a fully reusable system, we also have taken our commitment to sustainability one step further. Hoard-it has been actively reducing its scope 1 and scope 2 emissions and has recently been accredited Carbon Neutral by Carbon Neutral Britain.

Construction site barriers are an essential component that contributes to overall construction site safety. By investing in Hoard-it’s reusable site hoarding systems, developers and contractors can meet regulatory standards, increase efficiency and limit risks on site. With all the options available and our extensive connections and knowledge of the UK construction industry, it’s no wonder Hoard-it is the go-to source for reliable and sustainable hoarding solutions.