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Our site hoarding system can be installed 4 times quicker and more efficiently than conventional construction hoarding and fencing.

Designed for use on construction sites, our site hoarding solution is durable and reusable to deliver complete flexibility. There is no requirement for digging, and therefore no risk of service strikes.

Our high-performance hoarding system is designed to withstand the demands of the industry and most UK weather conditions, thanks to heavy-duty load testing and robust steel upright supports with an electroplated finish.

The versatile structural design also enables the Hoard-it system to be placed in any location and on curves, dips and inclines.

Benefits our system offers:

  • No dig required
  • Fewer components
  • Professional installation team on-site
  • Pre-painted boards
  • Ease of relocation
  • Expedient dismantle
  • No ground repair
  • All components removed at project end
Hoarding hoard-it
Hoarding hoard-it

Brand-it provides site graphics including the following:

  • Corporate colour painted boards
  • Printed panels
  • Anti-graffiti coating
  • Recyclable Poly-prop graphics
  • Anti-climb fence graphics
  • Stair & flag graphics

Our hoarding systems are versatile and flexible, that can easily be adapted to any site conditions with a variety of fixing options:

  • Half Mesh / Half Solid – offering better visibility
  • Mesh / Solid – onerous wind counts (i.e. coastal & rural areas)
  • Crane Perimeter – increased safety for your machinery
  • 3M High – extra height for enhanced security
  • TVCB’s (Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers) – traffic & roadside protection
  • Gate Options – vehicle & pedestrian gates
  • Lighting – battery powered lighting for visibility
  • Accessories – heavy duty protection mats to reduce slippage

Half Mesh / Half Solid

Hoarding hoard-it

Our 2.4M wide mesh and solid panels provides less blocks in the hoarding run. This allows the wind calcs to be less onerous whilst also offering better site visibility if required.

Mesh / Solid

Hoarding hoard-it

The combination of mesh and solid hoarding is ideal for areas that have particularly onerous wind calcs such as coastal and rural areas.

Crane Perimeter

Hoarding hoard-it

A bespoke solution to provide a safe and secure perimeter for your crane. The base plates can be bolted to the concrete pad. Configuration can be 2.4M or 3M high, solid or mesh and complete with digilock access gate.

3M High

Hoarding hoard-it

3-metre-high hoarding is ideal for “high risk” areas. On top of the standard 2.44M high panels, the height is extended to 3M with the use of either solid or mesh 600mm fillets, all clamped in place by 3M vertical steels.


Hoarding hoard-it

Our TVCB hoarding offers a highly robust, but temporary solution for creating safe traffic zones and assisting with road-side risk management. The mesh hoarding is bolted onto each concrete block to provide a safe and effective barrier.

Gate Options

Hoarding hoard-it

Designed to integrate with the Hoard-it system, we have options for vehicle and pedestrian gates. For more information, please click here.


Hoarding hoard-it

Battery powered and easy to install, lighting is a great addition to your hoarding. For more information, please click here.


Hoarding hoard-it

Our protection mats are manufactured from heavy duty industrial rubber. The mats are designed to protect the paving and works in-line with temporary works to reduce slippage.

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