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Kier gives Safety Champion of the Month Award to Hoard-it

As part of a project to transform the Winsford town centre, contractor Kier asked Hoard-it to supply and install over 800 metres of hoarding panels, in Kier branding. The panels were installed to protect the public and minimise disruption to pedestrians in the local area.

The shopping centre in the Cheshire town is being renovated, with the demolition of some existing structures and then the erection of new units for businesses, as well as the creation of open public spaces for events and pop-up activities.

Kier gives Safety Champion of the Month Award to Hoard-it hoard-itKier gives Safety Champion of the Month Award to Hoard-it hoard-itKier gives Safety Champion of the Month Award to Hoard-it hoard-it

Installation of the site hoarding took several weeks, and it required that a team from Hoard-it remained on site for the duration. All of the panels were delivered on time, which enabled installation and painting to completed on schedule. After this, Brand-it supplied and installed hoarding site graphics to match Kier’s branding requirements.

The core installation team was led by Brian Saye for Hoard-it. He worked closely with the Kier management team, and kept in regular contact, so that they were appraised of progress on site. During the installation, Kier commended Brian on his work ethic and the effort the team put in, so that the job was completed on time.

Brian was noted for having a positive attitude, as well as a calm and professional manner when he was communicating with the Kier team. As a result, Kier awarded Brian the Kier Safety Champion of the month award in recognition of his efforts. This award was not only for how Brian ran the site, but it also reflects the efforts of everyone from Hoard-it who was involved.

Joseph Rivers, Site Manager, from Kier said, “I want to thank your operatives for all of their hard work on the Winsford project whilst they installed the site hoarding. Not only does it look great, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with the team. I’d also like to say a further thank you to Site Supervisor, Brian Saye. His attitude towards working safely was excellent. He considered not only the safety of himself and his team, but also other trades and the general public. I look forward to working with Brian and the team from Hoard-it in the future!”

Jem Lee, Project Manager at Hoard-it said, “I was delighted to hear that Brian had been awarded a safety champion award for his work on the Winsford project. The construction site is not only quite large, but because it’s in the middle of a town centre, it comes with a few challenges which the team admirably overcome, enabling the installation to be completed on time. I’m very proud of Brian and the whole team.”