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Bespoke Solutions

Add some bespoke solutions to your site hoarding and fencing systems.

Our hoarding systems are versatile and flexible, that can easily be adapted to any site conditions with a variety of fixing options:

  • Half Mesh / Half Solid – offering better visibility
  • Mesh / Solid – onerous wind counts (i.e. coastal & rural areas)
  • Crane Perimeter – increased safety for your machinery
  • 3M High – extra height for enhanced security
  • Barbed Wire – advanced security
  • TVCB’s (Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers) – traffic & roadside protection
  • Trackway – heavy duty roadway for vehicle & personnel access
  • Solar Powered Security Cameras – an eco-friendly deterrent & protective measure
  • Accessories – heavy duty protection mats to reduce slippage

Half Mesh / Half Solid

Bespoke Solutions hoard-it

Mesh / Solid

Bespoke Solutions hoard-it

Crane Perimeter

Bespoke Solutions hoard-it

3M High

Bespoke Solutions hoard-it

Barbed Wire

Bespoke Solutions hoard-it

TVCB Hoarding

Bespoke Solutions hoard-it


Bespoke Solutions hoard-it

Our trackway hire provides vehicle and personnel access for construction sites. Made from recyclable engineering grade aluminium, our heavy-duty roadway panels are ideal for ground protection for very soft ground conditions, carrying weights of up to 100 tonnes.

The heavy-duty roadway is especially useful where high volumes of traffic are expected such as access roads or set-up/de-rig areas.

Technical Specifications:

Construction Material:Aluminium
Unit Dimensions:3000mm x 2500mm
Unit Weight:260kg
Max. Weight Capacity: 100t
Typical Uses:Very soft ground conditions, heavy traffic

Solar Powered Security Cameras

Bespoke Solutions hoard-it


Bespoke Solutions hoard-it

hoard-it heavy duty protection mats are manufactured from heavy duty industrial rubber. The mats are designed to protect the paving and works in-line with temporary works to reduce slippage.

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