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Hoard-it is proud to be a Carbon Neutral business.

Our sustainable hoarding system comprises of only 5 components, all of which are fully reusable. All boards are pre-sealed to prevent water ingress and extend life. At Hoard-it, none of our timber boards have ever gone to landfill.

Compared to other plastic products on the market, this means that there isn’t a need for components to be melted down and recycled for them to be reused. It’s only at the end of their life that boards are recycled as either linings for cabins, loft insulation or Biofuel.

Our Hoard-it system was developed with the environment in mind – 100% reusable and recyclable components.


  1. Concrete Base
  2. Base Plate
  3. Inner Steel
  4. Outer Steel
  5. WISA Plywood
Sustainability hoard-it

The credentials of our hoarding system support our client’s own sustainability targets including assisting with BREEAM ratings, smart construction initiatives and zero waste targets.

Timber is the ultimate sustainable material. Wood is sourced from responsibly managed forests where forest growth exceeds felling rates. The production process is run entirely on renewables resulting in the industry’s lowest emissions from forest to package. Our timber supplier plants 100 trees every minute and for every tree felled, they plant 4 more.

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Carbon capture data is available with our wood stock, giving you (and your client) peace of mind that your perimeter is responsibly manufactured, with no waste.

Hoard-it is proud to be a Carbon Neutral business.

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Sustainability hoard-it

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Sustainability hoard-it


“It is versatile, easy to erect and dismantle and has clear environmental and financial benefits.”

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